After more than 10 years hitchin is still making technology your own. Since 2003, we have been specialising in on-demand manufacturing of custom-made IT hardware and consumer electronics for a wide range of clients.

We are just as excited about what lies ahead for us as we were in 2003. Further developing our products at the cutting-edge of promotional technology, hitchin remains, as ever, perfectly positioned to respond to all of your promotional USB requirements.

We believe that the following principles have been key in maintaining our position as the global leader for customised USB flash drives:

Customers: We believe in creating loyal business by providing a superior product and service. We are committed to a vertical business model which gives us more control and flexibility in almost every area of our business notably sales, processing and direct fulfillment. Our goal is to continue to outperform the competition with innovative product, fast delivery times and fantastic value.

The hitchin Team: Our team’s success lies in regular trainings and the opportunity to learn, develop and grow with hitchin.com. Our mission is to continue to build an excellent human resources base for our company at our sales and processing locations through increasing investment in our staff.

Relationships: We believe in building effective relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers. We are committed to responding to customer needs in a timely manner and to foster open and transparent communications. We are constantly reviewing our operations in order to develop an efficient, lean enterprise without unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Responsibility: As a fast growing small business we believe in participating responsibly in the global